Saturday, February 9, 2019

All are YOU

Advaita and Advaita alone explains morality. 
Every religion preaches that the essence of all morality is to do good to others. 
And why? Be unselfish. And why should I? 
Some God has said it? He is not for me. 
Some texts have declared it? Let them; that is nothing to me; let them all tell it. And if they do, what is it to me? … …

What is the reason that I should be moral? 

You cannot explain it except when you come to know the truth as given in the Gita: "He who sees everyone in himself, and himself in everyone, thus seeing the same God living in all, he, the sage, no more kills the Self by the self." 

Know through Advaita that whomsoever you hurt, you hurt yourself; they are all you.  

- Swami Vivekananda, 
   Address at Lahore,
   Lectures From Colombo to Almora

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