Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sledge-hammer Blows of Modern Science

Is it not curious that, whilst under the terrific onset of modern scientific research, all the old forts of Western dogmatic religions are crumbling into dust; 

whilst the sledge-hammer blows of modern science are pulverising the porcelain mass of systems whose foundation is either in faith or in belief or in the majority of votes of church synods; 

whilst Western theology is at its wit's end to accommodate itself to the ever-rising tide of aggressive modern thought; 

whilst in all other sacred books the texts have been stretched to their utmost tension under the ever-increasing pressure of modern thought, and the majority of them are broken and have been stored away in lumber rooms; 

whilst the vast majority of thoughtful Western humanity have broken asunder all their ties with the church and are drifting about in a sea of unrest, 

the religions which have drunk the water of life at that fountain of light, the Vedas -- Hinduism and Buddhism -- alone are reviving?

                -Swami Vivekananda, 
                ‘Reply to the Madras Address’     

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