Sunday, July 8, 2018

No God Separate From Higher "You"

You are where you are; 
these dreams, these various clouds move. 
One dream follows another without connection. 

There is no such thing as law or connection in this world, 
but we are thinking that there is a great deal of connection. … 

… When we wake from this dream of the world and compare it with the Reality, it will be found all incongruous nonsense, a mass of incongruity passing before us, we do not know whence or whither, but we know it will end; and this is called Maya, 
and is like masses of fleeting fleecy clouds. They represent all this changing existence, and the sun itself, the unchanging, is you. 

When you look at that unchanging Existence from the outside, you call it God; and when you look at it from the inside, you call it yourself. 

It is but one. There is no God separate from you, no God higher that you, the real "you".

- Swami Vivekananda, 
Talk in New-York

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