Monday, October 1, 2018

Law and Freedom

Just as the greatest emperors sometimes play with dolls, 
so He [God] is playing with this nature; and what we call law is this. We call it law, because we can see only little bits which run smoothly. All our ideas of law are within the little bit. 
It is nonsense to say that law is infinite … 
… As a matter of fact, we get gradually outside of law, 
until we get out altogether, but with the added experience of a whole life. 
In God and freedom we began, and freedom and God will be the end. These laws are in the middle state through which we have to pass. 
Our Vedanta is the assertion of freedom always. 
The very idea of law will frighten the Vedantist; and eternal law is a very dreadful thing for him, because there would be no escape. If there is to be an eternal law binding him all the time, where is the difference between him and a blade of grass? We do not believe in that abstract idea of law. 
                              - Swami Vivekananda, 
                                Law and Freedom, 
                               Notes from Lectures and Discourses

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