Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Infinite Power and Wisdom Within

... the Vedantic and other philosophers of the Indian schools hold that knowledge is not to be acquired from without. 
It is the innate nature of the human soul and the essential birthright of every man. 
The human soul is the repository of infinite wisdom; 
what external agency can illuminate it? … … 

We also read in our scriptures various other methods of unfolding this inborn infinite power and knowledge, such as devotion to God, performance of work without attachment, practicing the eightfold accessories of the Yoga system, or constant dwelling on this knowledge, and so on. 

The final conclusion, however, is this, that through the practice of one or more or all of these methods together man gradually becomes conscious of his inborn real nature, and the infinite power and wisdom within, latent or veiled, becomes at last fully manifest. 

                     - Swami Vivekananda, 
                        Introductory article in 
                           Bengali written for Udbodhan 

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